How Winners Are Selected

We've rounded up an excellent set of judges who will be making the decisions for the Rock Star Prizes. Each entry will be judged based on the following criteria: originality, fun, aesthetics, and accessibility.

The Rock Star Prize judges:

  • Jon Kristinsson of Rigby, winner from our last contest
  • Justin Poel of N3wton, winner from our last contest
  • Xi Hui Ng and Shuwan of Witch Hunt: Nooboo Mary, winner from our last contest
  • Matthew Annal of Nitrome
  • Derek Liu, creator and founder of Gaia Online.

Gaia Audience Prize

The Gaia Audience Prizes will be determined during the month of April 2008. Contest entries will be showcased to members of the Gaia online community, who will play and vote on their favorite games. The games with the highest community score will determine the Audience Prize results.

How To Enter

Winners have been announced!. View the winners here.

Rock Star and Gaia Audience Prizes

All games must be new to the Internet, distribution-enabled and use the new MochiAds Leaderboards service to be eligible. Games must be entered in MochiAds before midnight PST April 1, 2008. It's that simple!

Games meeting these criteria that are submitted and approved in our system between January 21, 2008 and midnight April 1, 2008 will automatically be entered into the contest. If you would like to remove your game from consideration, please email ‘ada (at)’.

Gaia Online has made some of their art assets available for you to use, but use is entirely optional.

Additional Guidelines

How do I submit a game to MochiAds?

New to MochiAds? Learn more about the benefits and sign up.

How do I enable my game for distribution?

On the MochiAds dashboard click the game you want to change settings for. Click distribution in the navigation under your game title. Upload your game .swf and check the box to distribute your game. Once you save, you're all set!

How do I use the MochiAds Leaderboards service?

MochiAds leaderboard service gives developers a simple yet powerful way to track player scores in their games. Any developer with a MochiAds account can use the service.

  • Create a game in the system, and go through process until it is approved
  • Create one or more leaderboards for any type of score you want to track
  • Customize the look of your in-game leaderboard and include a few lines of code in your game

Is there a contest theme?

Nope, we want you to be your creative best so we will not be limiting the entries to a specific theme. Gaia Online has graciously made available some of their art assets for you to use, but it is entirely optional for you to use them or not. Click here to download.

Can I win more than one prize?

A single game developer can win both a Rock Star Prize as well as a Gaia Audience Prize, but not two of the same type. For example, if a developer has scored in the 2nd and 3rd place for their games in the Gaia Audience Prize, they will receive one Audience prize for 2nd place but remain eligible to also win a Rock Star Prize.

When will winners be announced?

Winners of the Become a Rock Star Flash Games Contest will be announced the week of May 5, 2008.

Worried about trashing your hotel room?

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