We will hold three separate contests over a 3-month period, each with it’s own individual theme. The goal of this series of contests is to provide game developers with a framework to push your creativity…and hopefully have a little fun in the process!

Welcome to the 2012 Mochi Summer Contest Series: July!

The theme for the July contest is “1-button + summer games”. Obviously, this theme has two parts. The first requirement, “1-button”, means that it has to be a 1-button game. This refers to the control scheme, where the player can only use one button (a mouse-click also counts as a button) to control the game.

The second requirement of “summer games” is in honor of that little sporting event happening in London this summer. This can take any form you like and is open to interpretation, from making a sports game to simply including something in the background as a reference. If your inclusion of “summer games” is not obvious, please let us know how you included it to avoid the “but where is the summer games requirement in your game?” Also- apparently they are getting a little protective of their name, so please do not use the word “Olympics” nor their logo in your game (we have already seen a DMCA notice from their legal team for this).

As with the June contest, participants will have two weeks to submit your games. The Mochi Crew will judge the games, and winners will be announced on August 6th.

  • 2012 games you won't find in London

    By: Glowmonkey
  • Reflex Runner

    By: marmph
  • Guy Doing Sports

    By: misko28

Submitted Games:

    • 1st Place
    • 2nd Place
    • 3rd Place
    • For every entry
    • Contest Info
    • Entry dates: July 16, 2012 – July 30, 2012
    • Criteria:
    • - Must embody the theme of the contest
    • - Must Use Mochi Ads (Live Updates optional)
    • - Must use the tag/keyword “MochiJuly2012”
    • - Must be entered by July 30, 2012 at 11:59 PST
    • - Must either be Distribution-enabled OR you must contact us to let us know you would like to submit your game (for those who don’t want to put it in distribution yet)