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Mochi Media’s tools and services allow developers to focus on what you do best- making games. Our premium in-game ad solution coupled with powerful game distribution service makes monetization and distribution a breeze. Aside from ads and distribution, our other free tools offer further opportunities for developers to save time and enhance your games.

Mochi Ads API

Monetize every gameplay, no matter where your game is played, using just one line of code.

Why Mochi Ads
  • Monetize every gameplay with one line of code
  • Five flexible ad placement options
  • Domain filtering = more developer control
  • Advanced Analytics to track your game
  • No branding
  • You receive a revenue share for every ad shown in your game, from any site on the web. All it takes is one line of code!
  • And options are good, right? Mochi Ads offers 5 different ad placement options for developers, allowing you to choose the ad type that best suits your game: Pre-roll / Preloader Ads, Inter-level Ads, Click-away Ads, Scores Ads, and CPA Ads.
  • Domain filtering enables you to selectively turn off ads for specific domains, giving you the flexibility to decide where your ads will show.
  • We have best in class analytics. The dashboard shows real-time data on how your game and ads are performing across the web.
  • The default UI for Mochi Ads doesn’t have any branding or links from Mochi Media.


Create a free account and implement our API to easily insert ads into your game with one line of code. After a short approval process, the revenue generated by the ads shown in your game will appear in your account. It's as easy as that.

Note: for best results take advantage of our free Game Distribution service.

Mochi Media Game Distribution

Distribute your game to thousands of websites.

The Mochi Media Game Distribution service helps developers distribute their games to over 40,000 sites across the web!

Why Mochi Game Distribution
  • Over 40,000 partner sites and climbing
  • Publishers prefer Mochi Media’s format
  • 3rd party tools have Mochi Game Distribution integration
  • Distribute your game to thousands of publisher partners in the Mochi network, including some of the largest sites on the web.
  • Publishers like consistency, it makes their job easier. Having all of the data in one place in a consistent format makes it much easier to post. Your game and all of it’s details will be distributed by our catalog and direct feeds to publishers.
  • Many commonly available arcade scripts and arcade Wordpress themes make it even easier for publishers to add your game automatically from our feed.

Getting started

You only need two things to start distributing your game to thousands of sites today: a free account, and Mochi Ads included in the game. Once you have Mochi Ads implemented, you can submit your game for both ads and distribution approval simultaneously.

Mochi Live Updates

Version Control

The Mochi Live Updates service ensures that the latest version of your game is instantly available everywhere on the web after it has already been distributed. Live Updates is also the easiest way to implement pre-roll ads in your game.

Every time your game starts loading, it downloads a small patch file from our Live Updates servers containing only the minimum differences.

Note: If the gamer is offline or our server can't be contacted for any reason, the game is still completely self-contained and playable without the update.

Why Mochi Live Updates
  • Add new features and bug fixes post-release
  • Always playable, no matter what
  • Extra layer of encryption for your game
  • Want to promote a sequel or your next game? Add new levels, maps, or features? Bug fixes? Instantly update your game across the web from your Mochi developer dashboard.
  • Even if the Live Updates servers are not accessible, the encrypted SWF contains a complete and playable version of your game.
  • The Live Updates service wraps your game with an extra layer of encryption to protect it from decompilers.

Getting started

Create a free Mochi Media account. When you upload your game to your account, you will be asked if you would like to take advantage of Live Updates. Once you select this option, instructions will be given on how to complete the implementation.

Note: Live Updates will automatically include pre-roll ads in your game, which saves you time.

Mochi Scores API

More Game Plays, Happier Players

Give your players the chance to brag with the Mochi Scores API. Our complete high score solution is simple to implement and gives you a complete package for scoring, medals, and friendly competition.

Why use Mochi Scores
  • Increase player engagement
  • Flexible and easy to customize
  • No branding
  • Publisher friendly
  • Competitive players love earning status. With Mochi Scores, players can show off with their high scores and even earn score-based medals to flaunt their skills.
  • The Mochi Scores API is flexible and works well in nearly any game design. You can create any number of boards, use integer or time-based scores, save high or low scores, and more. No matter what kind of games you like to build, a little friendly competition goes a long way.
  • The default UI for Mochi Scores doesn’t have any branding or links that would take the player away from the game.
  • Publishers can take advantage of Mochi Scores in the same way as Mochi Acheivements, using the publisher bridge to create a more customized experience for their players. More about that

Getting started

Mochi Scores is a free and independent API for developers to use. Simply visit our developer documentation page to start using Mochi Scores. Create a free account to manage your scoreboards.

Mochi Analytics API

Track how your game is performing in the “wild”.

The Mochi Analytics API is a free service that enables game developers to track game sessions, plays, and duration no matter where your game ends up on the web.

Why Mochi Analytics
  • Improve your game
  • Track and share your statistics
  • Free and easy
  • Using analytics gives you data, and data gives you the opportunity to improve your game.
  • Track your gameplays, sessions, and duration...and share that information with your partners, sponsors, and friends!
  • Mochi Analytics is easy to implement, requiring only a snippet of code. Oh yeah, it’s also FREE!

Getting started

Mochi Analytics is a free and independent API for developers to use. Simply visit our developer documentation page to start using Mochi Analytics.

More details: Check out the docs

Mochi Achievements API

Players keep playing when they achieve

Take your player engagement and retention to another level by incorporating achievements in your game! With the Mochi Achievements API, accomplishing this couldn’t be easier. Developers choose the graphics, the UI, and the placement...we do the rest. Achievements: unlocked.

Why Mochi Achievements
  • Easy, solid, white label
  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Points system
  • Publisher friendly
  • If you are looking for a quick, easy, and solid achievements solution then we have you covered. Additionally, the default user interface and graphics for Mochi Achievements have no branding or outbound links.
  • If you want control, we can give it to you. Toasters (“pop-ups”) come in two different sizes and have 9 placement options for your game.
  • If you don’t want to use the Mochi Media default UI, you can create your very own UI to make this look just the way you want! Incorporate developer or sponsor branding to get the most out of Mochi Achievements.

    Custom UI examples: Papa’s Taco Mia and Flying Candy
  • Developers can assign player points to achievements, giving more significance to certain achievements over others (or making them all equal). You have a total of 1,000 points to use as you please.
  • Publishers can take advantage of Mochi Achievements in the same way as Mochi Scores, using the same bridge. More about that

Getting started

Mochi Achievements is a free and independent API for developers to use. Simply visit our developer documentation page to start using Mochi Achievements. Create a free account set up and manage your achievements.

More details: Check out the docs
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