Bouncing Letters

Bouncing Letters

Bouncing Letters

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Accept the challenge of the literal version of Bouncing Balls! Your goal in this game is to form words with 3 to 5 letters by shooting the letter balls so that they can be destroyed. When the game opens, multiple rows of letter balls will appear at the top of the play area. A ball is put into the launcher at the bottom, and the next coming ball will also be displayed at the bottom right corner. Move your mouse to change the shooting direction, then click the mouse to shoot. When a released ball forms a word with 3 to 5 letters with other balls, and the letter on the released ball is the first letter of the word, the corresponding balls will be removed, for example, when the ball you shot is marked with the letter M and it combines with letters A and N, the word "man" is spelt and these balls will be destroyed. The required number of words at each level is displayed on the left of the screen, and you need to fulfill the requirement in order to proceed. If the letter balls reach the bottom of the play area, the game ends. Check your language standard and see how far you can go!

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