Snowball Duel

Snowball Duel

Snowball Duel

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One does need to be afraid of this battle, as it will not spill a single drop of blood - only some freezing snowballs will be dropped onto the opponent's tank. Your goal in this game is to shoot snowballs at your rival until his tank is totally covered with snow. In the game, your tank will be placed on the right of the screen, while that of the computer is located on the left. A windmill will be located between the two tanks, showing the wind direction with an arrow and the wind speed with a propeller. An arrow-shaped pointer will appear on your tank, and you can click to set the launching angle, then click again to set the launching power. After you have launched a snowball, the computer will start its turn. Each time when you successfully hit the opponent's tank, 1000 points will be awarded. Since the wind directions and speed will change constantly, you need to take notice of the situation or your shots will miss. Continue the process until one of the tanks is totally covered with snow, then the game will end. Bury your rival before he gets in your way!

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