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The Mochi Media publisher program provides website owners and webmasters with easy access to thousands of free games, free analytics and insights into their performance across your sites, as well as opportunities to earn additional revenue.

By using Mochi Media's service, you can easily find thousands of high-quality games for your site from our catalog or with automated tools using our XML and JSON feeds or ZIP packs.

Why join the program
  • Over 70,000 games
  • Easy content management
  • Free analytics service
  • Consistent format
  • Community
  • Mochi Media boasts the largest collection of high-quality free games on the web. Syndicate the whole collection, or just pick games that your users will love! Using Mochi Media’s Feedmonger technology, you can even create highly customized game feeds based on multiple criteria. View the catalog
  • You get to choose how you want your content delivered. Options include default or custom game feeds via the catalog (available in JSON or XML), plug-ins for one-click "Auto Post" of games to your site, downloading individual .zip files, or copy-paste embed codes.
  • We provide free analytics for publishers, available via your account dashboard, that helps you manage and analyze game popularity and revenues.
  • Each game comes with thumbnail, description, category, tags and more. Consistency makes your life easier.
  • The Mochi Media Forums provides you with a place to hang out and chat with a vibrant gaming community of developers and fellow publishers

Custom Integration

Your Community, Your Players

Keep your players coming back for more with Mochi Scores and Mochi Achievements enabled games. Customizable friend invites, community profiles, medals, achievements and more enable you to deeply integrate Mochi Distribution games into your existing site with little or no server work.

How it works
  • Mochi Bridge API
  • Customize to your players
  • It’s your data too
  • Easy-peasy
  • The Mochi Bridge API allows communication between a Mochi Media game and the website publisher. Implemented as a simple JavaScript embed you can place on your game pages, the bridge can be used to pass information such as high scores, usernames, and other parameters between the game and your site.
  • Keep players addicted to your brand by customizing gamer high scores boards to your community. Once players submit a score, they can view your own unique community usernames, link names to your user profiles, and drive new guests to your login and registration pages.
  • Every Mochi Score enabled game can share the score and player data through the Publisher Bridge. This allows you to build engaging features around high scores, and reward top players. Every score posted in the game is reported back to your site, and that includes our gold, silver, and bronze medals based on top scores.
  • Mochi is known for easy to use technology, and our publisher platform is no exception. Customizing a Mochi game is as easy as including a small snippet of javascript on your game page. No server work is necessary to get started and it can be done in minutes.

Earn affiliate revenue

As a way of saying “thank you” for hosting the game files on your own domain (and saving Mochi Media some bandwidth costs), you can earn a 10% revenue share from Mochi Ads to complement your on-page advertising revenue.

For every ad that is shown on games hosted on your site, you'll receive a cut of those revenues. Remember, you have to host the game files yourself and verify your domain before you are able to earn an affiliate ad revenue share.

How it works
  • Create an account
  • Verify your domain
  • Host the game files
  • Accounts are free, create one to get going!
  • Once you have created your account, you will want to verify your domain. You can verify one domain for your account, so if you have multiple sites you will want to plan to host the files from one place. Detailed instructions for domain verification can be found in your publisher account under “Settings”.
  • Once you have verified your domain, you will need to host the game filesthere in order for our system to give you credit for the impressions. Embedding won’t work, you will need to host the actual files.

Once you have it all set up, you can visit your account dashboard to see the daily impression and revenue calculations!

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