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Actual MochiCoins Stats ¿Possible?

Jul 11, 2011 (2 years 283 days ago) edited 2 years 283 days ago

I making a game "Free To Play" and i want to use MochiCoins as microtransactions and will be great to know some stats.

I search in the forums and the unique i find was this:

Was for more than 1 year and very short explanation with low information. Also i see the Mochiland posts about MochiCOins with presentations( ) in % but with no real numbers of users.

Be interesting to know the actual situation of mochicoins in some graphs like:

Total users that purchased at minumun one item: X

Then a graph based with the total users that purchased at minimun 1 item:

  • XX% (XXX) = 0-1$
  • XX% (XXX) = 1-10$
  • XX% (XXX) = 10-25$
  • XX% (XXX) = 25-50$
  • XX% (XXX) = 50-100$
  • XX% (XXX) = 100-250$
  • XX% (XXX) = 250-500$
  • XX% (XXX) = 500-1000$
  • XX% (XXX) = More than 1000$

With this we can know the real mochicoins audience

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