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[PAID] Multiplayer flash game

May 19, 2011 (2 years 335 days ago)


My name is Ziggy Naumann founder of Chubli, and I`m looking for an experienced Flash programmer [AS3] capable of coding a multiplayer flash game.

Job description:

  • You will be responsible for implementing the art/sound assets/game play
  • Setting up a multiplayer framework.
  • The project must be completed in 2 months time.
  • Milestone payments.
  • Project based payment [the price will be discussed in private]
  • Both parties sign a nda contract for a professional and secure starting base.
  • Good judgement in time/art/code

Project info:

  • 2d platform multiplayer game [6 players]
  • action genre
  • you can use existing libraries or engines
  • Pixel based graphics
  • physics elements

More info about the game will be given in private.

If your interested in this project, feel free to contact me via this thread, private message or Skype " ziggy.naumann" Netherlands

If you have questions, they are most welcome.

regards Ziggy---

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