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Game Developer

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Last login: Dec 14, 2013
Member since: Sep 03, 2007
Profession: Student

What I enjoy most:

  • Code
  • Game Design
  • Art / Sound

dan674's Games [xml | json]

    Created: Oct 28, 2012

    A simple yet increasingly challenging puzzle game about lighting a path through hexagons.

  • Crate Escape
    Created: Jun 03, 2008

    Push the blocks off the ledge to get points!

  • The Epilepsy Game
    Created: May 01, 2008

    A simple concept, an insane twist. How long can you stay focused?

  • Teleporter 2
    Created: Mar 08, 2008

    Control your character with the mouse, and click to make it teleport! Collect the stars, but avoid t…

  • Bouncy
    Created: Feb 15, 2008

    Keep all the balls in the air!

  • Coinflip
    Created: Feb 13, 2008

    A gambling / betting game based around the flip of a coin.

  • Bee Buzz
    Created: Jan 30, 2008

    Fly around and collect honey and flowers!

  • Arrows
    Created: Dec 21, 2007

    Move the red ball by pushing it with the arrows that you control with the mouse!

  • Teleporter
    Created: Nov 13, 2007

    A mouse avoider style timing and skill game!! Your character will follow your mouse, but you can als…

  • Reverse
    Created: Nov 04, 2007

    A colorful mouse-avoider style puzzle and skill game. Move your mouse left and right to go up and…

  • A Sticks Quest
    Created: Oct 08, 2007

    Go around, collecting items, learning abilities, killing monsters, and helping hobos!

  • Bubble
    Created: Oct 07, 2007

    Collect all the blue bubbles with your golden bubble, then the purple to finish the level. Watch out…