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When we talk about erectile dysfunction, it indicates the inability to have an erection. Many will feel afraid that they have the mentioned condition because they experience it occasionally. That is not always the case. The physicians said that it could only be regarded as erectile dysfunction when it happens all the time. The situation may not occur whenever a man desires to have sex, but it happens frequently over time.

The unfortunate truth is that a lot of men everywhere have erectile dysfunction. Research shows that about 152 million men are impotent, but less than 10% of them look for treatment. This small number is most likely brought on by the social stigma related to erectile dysfunction. Men are generally rated to be strong, and to experience such is viewed as a weakness.

This is not a recognized condition previously that is why there were no known treatment for it in the past. The good news is there are lots of treatment methods available today. When you know anyone who experience it, you may want to check out the drug known as Cialis.

Cialis was released in the market in November of 2003 upon the authorization of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is basically the third erectile dysfunction prescription pill along with Viagra and Levitra. Furthermore, it is the only one of the three erectile dysfunction drugs that could be prescribed as a once-daily medication. This drug was not only popular in the US but also in many parts of Europe.

The drug Cialis is taken by mouth. This functions by increasing the blood flow towards the male organ and to its bordering parts. The effect would be to have an erection upon sexual stimulation. So long as you are engaged, Cialis will help maintain the erection until the intercourse is completed. The pill is available in various dosage. It varies from 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg, and 2.5 mg. The 2.5mg dosage is advisable to be taken daily. Cialis Professional is likewise an extra-strength formula which works faster and lasts longer. Considering it offers extra power, it is effective for as long as 36 hours. The prolonged effectiveness of this pill made it be known as the weekend pill. Prior to any prescription, the physician will first need to evaluate the patient.

Roughly 15,000 male participants used Cialis in clinical studies, while more than 8 million men took the drug throughout its post-approval or post marketing stage. Some discomfort that someone might feel right after using Cialis are indigestion, runny nose, headache, flushing and muscle aches. Never get worried since after a few hours, the adverse reactions will subside. The muscle aches as well as back pain can emerge after the drug is taken to about 12-24 hours, and the indications mainly go away after 48 hours.

The Cialis can't be acquired without a valid doctor’s prescription in the UK and US. Cialis may also be purchased from dependable online sources after undergoing an online consultation that shows your eligibility and suitability for taking the drug. Do keep in mind, this is a highly effective pill but not all men can take it. great post to read

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